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This page will be continuously updated! 

If you have any questions, why don´t you head over to the Contact page at the bottom and send us a message!!


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For us, Steampunk is a passion! And we want to share that passion with everyone with a similar interest in what once was but ain’t no more, or what wasn't, but might have been... Our passion in an age where one took pride in marvellous inventions and made sure they looked every bit as awesome as possible! An age of creativity, positivity and spectacular style!


That is what SilwerSteam aims to bring to all!


Tickets for SilwerSteam can be found to the right on this page (see bottom of this section for details).

Welcome to Sweden for our fifth year of SilwerSteam!


Hope to meet you all in September!





There will be free entry for civilians who want to visit SilwerSteam on Saturday and Sunday at 10-16. But they will not include workshops, lectures, board games hang-out, LARP's, and the evening events.


Refunds; Until the 1st of August you get refunded if you can't attend SilwerSteam. From the 2nd of August, you don't get a refund.

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     They are here!!

♦ Lectures ♦ Workshops ♦ Costume contest ♦ Craftsmans Market♦ Board games hang-out ♦ 
♦ Team contest ♦ Inventor Show-case♦ Tea duelling ♦ Night club ♦ And much, much more... ♦
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This program will be continuously updated all the way to September. We aim to create SilwerSteam with all Steampunk enthusiasts so if you would like to contribute, contact us!

We are looking for more wondrous artifacts to exhibit at the museum. We want art to be exhibited and sold. We want more lecturers and workshop leaders, of course you do know something that could benefit other enthusiasts! 

Are you our next Tea Duelist Champion? Will you participate in Steampunk team contest or play at our board games hang-out?

If your costume is a matter of pride for you why don't enter our costume fashion show and contest?!

Are you an ingenious (or just mad) inventor and technical know-what, then enter our inventor show-case to discuss, share and show off robots, gadgets and steampunk artifacts that actually do something, in contrast to just looking cool!

Need more paraphernalia, a hat or an almost-never-imploding-ray-gun-of-awesomeness? Take a stroll at our craftsmen distributed around the museum, where you can see the most beautiful steam engines puffing away!

And at the end of the day, we all gather at the magnificent "Steampunky" pub that's also open for us SilwerSteamers! 

That is what SilwerSteam aims to bring to all!

See who has been with us before; Participating Heroes! 


The home of SilwerSteam 2024 is Eskilstuna Stadsmuseum (City Museum) at central Eskilstuna. The museum is also home to Northern Europe's largest steam engine hall and they are SilwerSteam's main collaboration partner.


The address is; Faktorigatan 4B, 632 20 Eskilstuna, Sweden.


Eskilstuna is approximately 1 hours train ride from Sweden's capital Stockholm.

The closest airport is Västerås airport (Stockholm VST, Vasteras - Sweden) followed by a 30 minutes train ride.


SilwerSteam will also have scheduled happenings at the Munktell museum and the Micro-brewery Eskilstuna Ölkultur, situated a stone throw away from the main convention hall.


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Let us suggest some different kinds of accommodations very near the convention hall;


Clarion Collection Hotell Bolinder Munktel and Comfort Hotel Eskilstuna. Both are situated right next to the festival site. The first, a bit closer.


Clarion Collection Hotell Bolinder Munktel offers both single rooms and double rooms. The prices includes breakfast, afternoon tea and supper.

Hotel website;    +4616-167800


Comfort Hotel Eskilstuna offers single rooms, and double room as well as triple rooms. The prices includes breakfast and coffee/tea.

Hotel website;    +4616-177800

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SilwerSteam is hosted by Anna & Nicklas Silwerulv. The couple lives in Sweden with a dog, a cat and 6 children and way too many books and board games (if that is at all possible!). The have organized events since they met each other in the year 2000 at a Viking burial site. They work under the name Silwerulv Historical Events, part of the non-profit organization Silwerulv Historical Society, most often within the cultural history sphere, and have made everything from conventions, festivals, LARP's, theater and exhibitions.


If you are curious about some of the other things they have worked on, head over to Historical Events Facebook page and make sure to check out their photo albums!

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