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Finally here, sort off...

Now with times!!

SilwerSteam, 2 – 4 September 2022. Eskilstuna, Sweden
Friday 17.00 – Sunday 16.00

Anna & Nicklas Silwerulv invites you to...

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What's it all  about as pdf...

What was SilwerSteam 2019 about?

Inspired by The Airship Ambassador, Kevin Steil, and his campaign “Steampunk Hands Around the World”, we decided that the theme for SilwerSteam would be the social meeting between enthusiasts, and that has been implemented in all of the activities going on at the event!

As a participant, your first inclination of this is that we have tried to make as many of the program activities as possible available when You want to have a go at them, instead of at a specific time. Of course, some things will only happen once and at a preset time, but most activities will be more flexible! Our firm belief when we have thought about what makes a get-together of fellow enthusiasts such a memorable event is that it is the interaction with each other that make ´s us smile in remembrance for years to come.
Therefore, we have started a silly, friendly, and not one-bit serious competition on SilwerSteam where everyone that want´s to can participate. Almost all activities (well, a fair part anyway) will be part of this, soon to be celebrated and highly lauded, SilwerSteam competition!

Let us show you the ropes of how we have thought (and bear with us if we take our time, this will all be very straightforward and easy on-site).
All participants that want to enter the competition (and here we hope that this means almost all of you! :) ) creates a team with two other convention-goers. You chose a Steampunky name for your team, and throw yourself into the competition!
Points will be awarded for most activities that you try during the event, and scoreboards at the reception/lounge will make sure to heap glory and bragging rights to the top teams as the rest tries to topple them from their throne.

As an example, you may enter the teapot racing competition whenever you like. Either you bring your own wondrous machine or you borrow ours and challenge another team. Then you can get the race going in your own time. Each participant gets 1 point, and the winners 1 more. Then you are free to challenge someone else or just gasp at the museums awesome steam engines! You can, of course, enter multiple times to try to improve your score, but another 1 point will only be awarded if you compete against a New opponent.

So what activities will there be during SilwerSteam? What can your team (for you Will participate? Won’t you?!) do to carve a reputation as the most Steampunky of all?! Well, let us tell you…
Splendid Teapot racing – Take your radio-controlled teapot through an obstacle course as fast as possible, and try to reach the top runs that will
enter the finals at the end of the convention.

Tea duelling! – The more fashionable choice of duelling! Let your opponent shake from their top hat down to their steam-heated leggings, when you dip your biscuit in the teacup and bring your most time-tested glare to bare…
And for those a bit more physical…

Last one standing – SilwerSteam´s duelling ground. As the old saying goes “There can be only one!” (-Connor MacLeod). Here you issue your challenges, chose your weapon and weather the swings and arrows from devious opponents before opposing and defeat them in style! Weapons available will be swords, bow and arrow, and guns (of some sort). They will (of course) be entirely safe (it would sort of be counterproductive to our goal of socializing otherwise) and otherwise known as Larp-swords,
Bows with foam-tipped arrows and Steampunky Nerf guns. As in the teapot racing, bring your own, or borrow ours. Cry Havoc and let slip the… well… whatever you think is most steampunk…

If you are more inclined to the brainy side of things, you might want to try to solve…
The SilwerSteam puzzles and mysteries! Hidden in the museum, in papers or by interviewing the most usual suspects, you gather clues and solve puzzles that takes you closer to the heart of the matter. Think MYST, and you know what we are aiming at.
-But for all the steamy brass cogs in the world! What about fashion?!, we hear you cry. Never fear, there will, of course, be a…

SilwerSteam Costume Contest!! Send us your heliographic engraving (or photograph as the kids calls it today) and then you write down the story of your outfit and let your peers decide who will be called to the finals!

Speaking of photos, there will likely be a wealth of possible backdrops for taking your pictures. Apart from the building from the turn of the century, you have the steam engines, the old mechanical workshop, and our photo sceneries the interior of the spaceship HMSS Ventus Scandinavia, the steampunky apartment of the professor couple Marie and Pierre Silwer, as well as the steampunk-inspired art collage in the reception to name a few!

If the flashes from photos of your awesomeness remind you that you actually didn´t score as fabulous as you deserved in the duels. You can always attend our fencing master Lars Lyktas workshop on the noble art of cane fighting in the tradition of A.C. Cunningham.
Lars will also hold a lecture on flea-market treasures that fit into any Steampunk collection and the stories they tell…

If you instead preferred bow and arrow (which will, of course, entitle a separate point to the SilwerSteam competition) and wants to sharpen your aim, Robin “Steampunk Robin Hood” Larsson will give you pointers and advice during his archery workshop.

You can also meet the multi-talented, 100% charming, and altogether Steampunk-genius Andy Fraser with special guest Justyna Krawczyk, winner of the European Steampunk-makers championship, that will show us his inventions, creations and… well… the things that no-one understands, but looks really impressive! And most importantly, they will showcase the wondrous suitcases from The International Steampunk Makers Challenge. Please enter the competition you too! They and many other works of art will be on display!

If you then want to get Really inspired, we will have an art exhibition of Steampunk inspired paintings and works of art! We present paintings by Jaroslaw Jasnikowski, Art by Justin Tan and the Swedish artist Sandra Hultsved! At least in our minds, they have managed to capture the essence of Steampunk.

Then we mustn´t forget all of our fantastic artists, authors and craftsmen that will make SilwerSteam unforgettable. To be able to stroll around and chat with artists, artisans and craftsmen are one the highlights of the event. Here you will meet (amongst others)

Sandra Hultsved, a Swedish artist that marries the Gothic with the Victorian and makes our hearts ache with an overdose of emotions. (

Hanna Ågren – Entomechanic, an artist and adventurer that brings us the most exciting mechanical insects ever seen! (

Historiska Kompaniet - Molle & Ludvig delivers everything possible - the impossible they have a slight delivery time for... Here you can literary find Everything that makes a Steampunkiacs mouth waters. (

Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium – We don´t feel at all awkward in naming Andrea an Artist in textile and fashion. Her Steampunk hats, for example, Are just Awesome! (

Linn Åslund – Swedish author of the steampunk youth novels about heroine Ester Tagg. She signs her novels and answers questions about her inspirations, about her creative process and of course, you can get a book or three for yourself! (

Billy and Chris O´Shea will bring us as close as possible to the Kingdom of Clockwork universe with novels and a unique VR experience! (

SweBrick – Lego turned to works of awesomeness will bring their best Steampunk creations to show us all how you can really push the limits with these fantastic little blocks! Expect airships, fantastic buildings and hopefully even the diorama “Ruins of San Victoria”! (

Jonas Källman is another Swedish artist that will show us his amazing Ceramic Steampunk and creatures sculptures representing any level of strangeness. We especially love his Steam-radio! (

Ulf Svensson brings his amazing brass and electricity creations! (

Tingxa brings steampunk-inspired jewellery and lovely trinkets! (

Feeling a bit of a craving for something sweet yet? A bunch of Anna and Nicklas children has promised to bring their tea trolley and home-baked cookies for your gastronomical pleasure!

For those who want to get back to the fantastically Important SilwerSteam team contest, there will be a lot of board games, both complex and fast and easy ones, that all will award points since they all are separate competitions.

At the museum you can visit a couple of interesting exhibitions, The Castle that Disappeared, Rapiers, Sabers and Cutlasses, Charged!

For the children, there are the superb playground The Little City Museum, as well as the curious youth exhibition Factotum and two exploration maps, The Mystery at Eskilstuna Huus and the Adventures of the curious mouse friends Pip and Petra.
But most importantly, they get the chance to meet Pippi SteamStocking herself for some awesome fun!

But the most awesome things to behold is maybe the Mechanical Workshop from the turn of the century, that museum bad boy Hans will show up and running during Saturday. Lathes, presses and planes will rumble on. The machines are operated by belts, and the old workshop environment comes alive when they are started, and the awesome technicians can tell you all about the workshop. They have just been outfitted with new clothes too, model 1900, lower classes, with oil stains and all. Of course, they are rightfully proud of themselves!

If the mechanical workshop is a bit too loud for you, why don’t head over to the museum´s piece-de-resistance…
…The Steam Engine collection!! This is northern Europe’s largest, still working, steam engine hall. You will find many beautiful steam engines from the turn of the century, even a steam fire truck! With the help of our friends from The Society Steam Volunteers (Ångvolontärerna), you will get the chance to see them up and running on full steam on Saturday! There is even an English locomotive from 1874 in the exhibition hall! It’s ok to play with it, as long as you don't start it up!

Anna’s favourites are the valve steam engine from Bolinder 1910 (especially the little oil cans) and the Generator. Nicklas is a nerd and is most impressed by the contrast between the technological marvels and the mosaic floor... (What can we say?!) Which one will be your favourite?

So, what do you think? We think this will be a really good starting point for a fantastic weekend of Steampunk awesomeness! But, of course, we haven´t yet got into our plans for the evenings, tea, beer, candlelight meetings and the Saturday Night Full Moon Party!



SilwerSteam 2017


*This is just the beginning. During the time running up to SilwerSteam we will continuously update this program. If you would like to get involved with an idea of your own, know that you will be very welcome indeed!



Lars Lykta

Theatre director, flea market adventurer and historical know-it-all (almost) gives us a lecture about the turn of the century and its society and history. Expect interesting anecdotes. The one from the Hamburg World Fair 1863 and the steam engine racing is fantastic.


Henrik Pilerud

A lecture/inspirational journey about Steampunk and Cosplay which use Henrik's price awarded costumes as a starting point on a road to who knows where...


Anna Silwerulv

Augusta Lundin, “forgotten” fashion queen. A lecture about Sweden’s first Internationally known fashion designer and The absolutely most important talk-of-the-town at the turn of the century regarding what to wear.





The noble art of cane fighting

Did we forget to mention that our lecturer Lars Lykta also is a practitioner of historical swordsmanship and other fighting techniques? He will also give us a workshop on the noble art of cane fighting in the tradition of A.C. Cunningham.


“Sew like they used to do”

Anna Silwerulv will be the host for the workshop. You are invited to try out at least 4-5 sewing machines from the early 20th century. How much bragging rights doesn’t a part

of a Steampunk outfit actually sewn on a period machine entitle?!


Belly dancing – double up!

We have no less than two workshops in belly dancing, one by the awesome group Påfåglarna (The Peacocks) and one by the equally talented group Circle Tribe!

Fästpunkt 5




The Wind Orchestra

This brass band will strike a chord on early Saturday, when their orchestra of 30 musicians will give us a taste of the music of the 19th century, but also of how their future music might have sounded, in short, the sound of Steampunk. We are particularly fond of their take on Joey Tempest “the final countdown”!


Erik Ask-Uppmark/DJ Prohibition

Dreaming the Future. A retrofuturistic one-man-show about the pinnacle of technical evolution of yesterday, and their visions and beliefs of what was to come!  Read more...


SilwerSteam Music Jam!

Bring your own instrument to SilwerSteam, meet up with other musicians and explore the sound of Steampunk. Some notes will be sent out before the event to those interested as a common starting point, but after that, anything goes! Who would not want to play the Cello next to a Steam engine or lift the roof with a brass horn of some sorts atop of a steam train? Jump in, explore, have fun! Look at the SilwerSteam note-book here...





Theatre “Mr. Tesla Played”

Joining SilwerSteam from Denmark is the Why Not Theatre Company. They will give us the chance to intimately get to know the character and private life of the genius played by Nathan Meister.


Expect the seats to be filled up fast, make sure you get one!





“As Usual, the Butler Did It...” Steampunk LARP

This will be a Cluedo-style LARP with a very low threshold for joining in on the fun. Even if you haven’t tried larping before, you can easily take part in this mystery! Solve the clues and choose between the many suspects, because even though the robot butler did the deed, the question remains, who put him up to it?



Special Happenings


Eskilstuna Ölkultur Micro-brewery/Steam pub

Get an inside look at the micro-brewery where we will have the Steam pub during the evenings. During this special guided tour, we will get a closer look at the two

great copper kettles from the mid-19th century that is used in the craft of beer making. We will also get the history behind the notorious Steam beer!


The building itself is from the 19th century and you get to see the lovely little spiral stairs! If that isn’t “Steampunky” we don’t know what would be!



The Steam Engine Hall – Full Steam Ahead!

This is northern Europe’s largest, still working, steam engine hall. You will

find many a beautiful steam engines from the turn of the century, even a steam fire truck! With the help of our friends from The Society Steam Volunteers (Ångvolontärerna) you will get the chance to see them up and running on full steam on Saturday! There is even an English locomotive from 1874 in the exhibition hall! It’s ok to play with it, as long as you don't start it up!


Anna’s favorites are the valve steam engine from Bolinder 1910 (especially the little oil cans) and the Generator. Nicklas is a nerd and is most impressed by the contrast between the technological marvels and the mosaic floor... (What can we say?!) Which one will be your favorite?



The Mechanical Workshop – Up and Running…

In another part of the museum, you will find a typical workshop as they would have been around 1900. Lathes, presses and planes will rumble on. The machines are operated by belts, and the old workshop environment comes alive when they are started and the awesome technicians can tell you all about the workshop. They have just been outfitted with new clothes too, model 1900, lower classes, with oil stains and all. Of course they are rightfully proud of themselves!



Förstlingen II – No Ticket to Ride…

The meticulous reconstruction of the very first Swedish manufactured locomotive, Förstlingen I (Old Number One) is for this day on display outside the Munktell Museum where it’s actually running on the newly laid mini-railroad! So if you want to get a ride in this piece of Swedish steam engine and railroad history, here’s your chance to hop onboard!



Johan Theofron Munktell – Special Guidance

Well, he might be long gone nowadays, but during SilwerSteam we get the chance to meet him again in the guise of Ralph Angestam who not only will look the part in his high hat, but also got a tangible love for history and, as a former director of the Munktell museum, an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Eskilstunas mechanical history. His personal guidance of the museum is not to be missed!



The Old Printing Press – D.I.Y.

Here’s a chance to get your hands dirty! Lend a helping hand to Bo Niklasson

when he shows the whole printing process of the 19th century and earlier. Help him set the types and print your own calling card! Maybe it’s even time to carve your own art in linoleum or pear tree and get it printed yourself!


Author Billy O´Shea - Kingdom of Clockworks

Lets present the participation of the extraordinary talented author of Kingdom of Clockworks, Billy O´Shea. IF you by any chance haven't read his works yet, you would do yourself no favor if you didn't pick up his novels at SilwerSteam and speak to the man himself!


Free Airship ride in VR

Speaking of Kingdom of Clockworks, you can experience the thrill of being aboard an airship in that Steampunk setting yourself by trying out the Virtual Reality Experience presented by Chris O´Shea with the help of Oculus Rift. Come on! Even the name of those tech goggles sounds Steampunk in extreme! Did we mentioned it was a free ride with almost no chance of fatal accidents?!


Fästpunkt 6



Costume Contest

Of course we must have a costume contest! Who in the Steampunk community

doesn’t love to watch gorgeous and innovative creations!? There will be plenty of opportunity for everyone who wants to join to show off their outfits and tell us about their character and inspiration!



Short Story Contest

The theme for our competition is - drum rolls, please - Steampunk! Who could have guessed? Take the chance to impress the community with your literary talents.


We will have one class for youths and one for adults. And there is a bucket full of glory to be won (and 1.000 sek).



Duels and Racing


Tea Duelling

Oh! There will definitely be tea dueling, Accept no substitute! Tea is the thing that

gets Steampunk going when honorary duels are at stake! There will be training camps and running up competitions, that will ultimately lead to the National Tea Duelling Challenge when the best of the Swedish duelists challenge our invited champions from Europe.  Read more...



Nerf it!

Well, tea dueling isn’t for everybody, some people want more action... so put your goggles on and bring your own Steampunk’d Nerf gun for a showdown of epic proportions!



Splendid Teapot Racing

a reprisal from the fun competition from SteamCon Gothenburg. Carl Dickfelt and Shakila Rossi, will guide us through the thrilling experience of Teapot racing. So, get your teapots and your radio controlled automatons ready, mash them together and presto - You’re good to go!  Read more...



Archery with Steampunk Robin Hood!

See if you got what it takes to join the Steampunk version of the Merry Rouges of the Sherwood Forest! Pick up one of our bows, draw, aim, and impress him!

Fästpunkt 7



The Steampunk Craftsmen Market

A host of talented craftsmen, artisans, inventors and traders in the most steampunky things an enthusiast could ever dream of!


Fancy a new hat? Want a mechanical bug as a pet? Try out a corset that really fits? Jewelry made of glass, cogs or old things getting a new life? Leather designs, steampunk dolls or just about everything possible from the 19th century? Here’s where you get it!


The market starts in full on Saturday, but there might still be opportunity to buy something already on Friday from traders that decide to start up early.;)



Socializing and Evenings


In our view, it is really the evenings that makes us ticking about SilwerSteam. That’s when we all have a chance to get together in our coolest outfits and hang out with the most amazing community in the world, our fellow Steampunkers!



Steam Pub, Friday

On Friday night we invite you all to a Steam pub at Eskilstuna Ölkultur. It is closed for everybody else so this is really just for us at SilwerSteam! Awesome food, awesome beverages, and most importantly, awesome company in a cool environment!



Full Moon Party, Saturday

On Saturday night we are taking a stroll outside along the stream for our

Full Moon Party. It will be a picnic, dance, music and more. Of course, the Steam pub is waiting for us at the end of our stroll



Board Games Hang-Out

If you like games, and are a bit into Steampunk, this will be the place for

you at the festival. We will have lots, and lots of games, and Only Steampunk themed! Sit down with a couple of friends and play an old favorite, or let some of the “Gameiacs” we have looked up in there show you the ropes of a new one...




So, except the things above, what would you like to see more at SilwerSteam? Please let us know! After all, Steampunk is all about the community, so together, let’s make this a Steampunk weekend worth remembering!

Fästpunkt 8

The Venues


Eskilstuna City museum

The Steampunk Faire is centered around the museum, and all its exhibitions are open to us Steampunk enthusiasts! Situated in the middle of the stream it is no exaggeration that this is one of the city’s most beautiful parts.


On both Friday evening and Sunday, we have the whole venue to ourselves. The museum is located in the buildings of the old Weapon Manufactory from 1812, so our location is very fitting indeed!





Then on Now


The museum exhibition "Then on Now" will have its inauguration during SilwerSteam. This exhibition let us have a glimpse in the home and workspace of the fictive couple Professors Marie and Pierre Silwer (who bear a not that small resemblance to the remarkable Currie´s) during the start of the 20th century. In their workspace, they explore the fields of transportation and communication in earlier periods, in their own turn of the century time, and then try to predict how the world will turn out in the way of future of year 2000! Steampunk enthusiasts who explore the exhibition may well indeed find much to smile knowingly at when we find blueprints and models of airships, walking cities and you know what...​​ Visit the exhibition and find out What Then thought about Now.

The Castle That Disappeared

The proudest building in Eskilstuna was the castle, but in 1680 it burnt to the ground, and well, never really got rebuilt. So the carved ornate stones and paintings in this exhibition are the closest you might get to experience the grandeur of Eskilstuna Huus, as it was called.  Read more...



Rapiers, Sabers and Cutlasses

Around 40 “swords” from the period 1775 -1940 are exhibited in this

not permanent, but very aesthetic exhibition. Most of them are right at home since they were made in Eskilstuna to begin with!




In these very halls much of Sweden’s small arms were made in the 19th and the first half of the 20th century, and after that in other parts of Eskilstuna up until 2009. In this part of the museum you can admire, or scowl at, everything from Swedish Remington Rifles from the 1860’s to the world export wonder grenade launcher “Carl Gustav” and the automatic carbine - 5 (AK-5). This is an exhibition that raises many interesting questions between the need of a national arms industry, and the questionable morality of international weapons trade.  Read more...



The Munktell Museum


Take a close look at 180 years of Swedish industrial history! Johan Theofron

Munktell started his first mechanical workshop in Eskilstuna in 1832. He met, and got inspired by, such engineering giants as John Ericson as well as George and Robert Stephenson. He even got the Swedish government’s commission to modernize the whole arms industry in Eskilstuna. In the museum, you can find mechanical wonders from the smallest to the really big, and from the middle of 19th century up to today. Our personal favorites are the 2 cylinder steam engine from 1899 with its 2-floor height, and the striking red and black locomobile from 1903!


Fästpunkt 9

Especially for children


The Little City Museum

This is a critically acclaimed new exhibition and playground at the museum. A whole large room dedicated to exploration, education and just plain fun! Visit a castle, set sail in the large ship, handle the Caterpillar excavator bucket or run a turn-of-the-century general store. There is simply so much to do here that any kid can be hard to pry away from here!



At the second floor of the lovely museum, you find another gem! It´s the museums Science Centre, Factotum where kids can experiment with inventions, technological machines and ideas. Why don’t try out how a self-supporting stone arc is constructed? Or play noughts and crosses with a robot? There is plenty to experience here too!


Exploration maps


If the kids are inclined to some exploration, we have some different assignments for them;


The two museum mouse’s Pip & Petra challenges any curious child on an exploration of the steam engine hall. This map also includes a locomotive for coloring.


Another one is The Mystery at Eskilstuna Huus – Follow the clues on the map to become an expert on vanishing castles without the need to go to Hogwarts first…

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