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Participating Heroes through the years!! 




All information below is about earlier SilwerSteam´s...

Info about our talented craftsmen and artisans, mad inventors, artists and everybody else that will contribute to make SilwerSteam fantastic. This list gets updated all along as more Heroes gets involved...


If you too want to be getting involved, why don´t you head over to the Contact page at the bottom and send us a message!! 

Historiska kompaniet

Molle & Ludvig delivers everything possible - the impossible they have a slight delivery time for...

Historiska Kompaniet

DJ Prohibition

The man behind the mask is Swedish musician Erik Ask-Upmark, vintage gramophone DJ and deliverer of "retrotainment lectures"...


DJ Prohibition


Craftsmanship - like it used to be.

Simply put, a genius within his craft, and altogether a really decent guy with an awesome "Steampunky" mustache!  


Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium

Miniature hats, Corsages and other Frivolities. Each and all gorgeous in the extreme!

Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium


Building an army of entomechanical insects to take over the world. Steam madness or mechanical genius? Definitively fantastical in any way!!




Agneta Lind - designer, inventor and creative mastermind behind accessories, jewelry, clothes and furnishing made from everything new and old! 


Handelsgillet, goes Circus Alm

When Handelsgillet lets lose their “Steampunkiness”, they go Circus Alm! Awesome hats, historical patterns, and who-knows-what...


Stinpunk and Charlgoth's Emporium of Amazing Paraphernalia

Two stupendous, steampunk-loving sisters who create steampunk-inspired paraphernalia such as jewelry, sculptures, keepsakes and more...

Stinpunk and Charlgoth

Bard & Jester

From Finland, we present the extraordinarily talented team of leather craftsmen from Bard & Jester with a gifted eye for Steampunkyness, and their Designer and Master of Ceremony Jani...

Bard & Jester 

Det Gamla Tryckeriet

Want to see a printing press from the turn of the century in action? Then head over to SilwerSteam, because The Old Printing ain't something you would like to miss!

Det Gama Tryckeriet

Påfåglarna - The Peacocks

A burlesque fusion dancing group with attitude, humor and a couple of doses of twinkle-in-the-eye!


Old Number One

The Society for Förstlingen, Swedens first manufactured steam locomotive will be showing off their marvelous reconstructed machine!



This is the society that keeps all the marvelous steam engines in the City Museum running! If your heart's desire is to be a Steampunk mechanic, then look no further, for with these fellows you can!


Circle Tribe

A passionate dance group that really will enrich SilwerSteam with performances based on fusion and American Tribal Style Bellydance...

Circle Tribe 

The Wind Orchestra

This 30 musicians strong brass-band from Volvo will give a peak at 19th-century music and what the sound of Steampunk might be...

The Wind Orchestra

Pilerud's Cosplay

Steampunk and Cosplay can fit like a hand in a glove, and is it anyone that proves that beyond any doubt it is definitely  Henrik Pilerud, lecturer and SilwerSteam ambassador!

Pilerud's Cosplay

Arty Anna Cosplay

Another of our talented ambassadors. Anna will definitely bring us a touch of cosplay glamour and serious tea duelling skills...

Arty Anna Cosplay

Why Not Theatre Company

A professional theater company from Denmark. Allways inspires emotion and often thought-provoking. At SilwerSteam they will let us get up close and personal with Mr. Tesla himself!​


Why Not Theatre Company

J.T. Munktell / Ralph Angestam

It's our great honor that Ralph Angestam helped us at the early SilwerSteam´s. Not only was he a former museum director and historical expert, he was also an enthustiastical speaker and a really inspiring person.


R.I.P. Ralph Angestam

Montague Jacques Fromage/SteampunkFunk Bizzare

Steampunk/Victorian rap artist, model, actor, duelist, and foremost, entertainer extraordinaire!


SteampunkFunk Bizzare

Mechanical Workshop Crew

This crew must be the inspiration for The Cog is Dead's "Burn it Down", but to be honest, their boss Nils is rather nice, and these cool guys are all really cheerful and knowledgeable museum technicians...


Mechanical Workshop

Calle & Shakila - Team Teapot Racing 

Organizers of the Splendid Teapot Racing at SilwerSteam (by the way, hats of to the inventor Countess Simona), who will make sure all participants and onlookers will have a splendid time indeed! 

Calle & Shakila

Cheyenne Olander, SilwerSteam ambassador

It's our pride and joy to call Cheyenne our friend, and it is fantastic to get her to meet you all at SilwerSteam as one of our marvelous ambassadors!


Cheyenne Olander

Author Billy O´Shea

Meet the extraordinary talented author of Kingdom of Clockworks, Billy O´Shea. IF you by any chance haven't read his works yet, you would do yourself no favor if you didn't pick up his novels at SilwerSteam!


Black Swan Publishing

Virtual Reality Airship trip

Experience the thrill of being aboard an airship yourself by trying out the Virtual Reality Experience presented by Chris    O´Shea with the help of Oculus Rift. Come on! Even the name of those tech goggles sounds Steampunk in extreme! Did we mentioned it was a free ride with almost no chance of fatal accidents?!


Kingdom of Clockwork

Eskilstuna Ölkultur, aka SilwerSteam's Steam Pub!

Friendly hosts, awesome copper kettles, good food and beer, AND, we got it all to ourseves! Eskilstunas famous and award winning micro brewery will be the hub for our evening get togethers. Welcome to our Steampub!

Eskilstuna Ölkultur Micr Brewery 

Lars Lykta

Theatrical director and historical know-it-all (almost!). With his flair and joyful approach, we can't help to resemble him to a really nice P.T. Barnum...

Lars Lykta from Arboga theater

Anna & Nicklas

Organizers of SilwerSteam, enthusiasts of all things creative, and of course, entirely bonkers. But then again, as Alice said -All the best people are...

Silwerulv Historiska Event

So, Who´s next??

Send us a message in a bottle, a carrion pidgeon (preferably armoured to avoid poachers!) or just an Email if you are a conservatist...

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